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In light of the 4th of July holiday being just around the corner, let's talk about your SPARK. The spark is defined by the time you both met, the moment you knew that you were in love.

Sometimes it's a date on the water, other times it's pure luck of seeing each other in a grocery store. But it's that spark that bring you joy and reminds you of why that person is yours. It's YOUR REASON.

For me, my spark came on a trip to the Big Apple. This wasn't our first trip here together, but for some reason it was different. We were staying right in Times Square, with a beautiful view of the busy streets below. We got in on a bus at 2:00 am, and we had no intention of going to bed. So what do you do? The obvious thing was to go get a late night slice of the famous New York pizza.

Now it was nothing cheesy, we didn't share a slice and fall magically in love. But it is where the spark began... Now fast forward a few days. We had walked all over the city, explored the new cookie dough shop, took our first taxi ride, and even went to a couple off broadway shows! But it wasn't until our last day, when we were sitting a Vigales (a FABULOUS BBQ joint) for lunch. It was the last meal before heading back home to reality, and it was while we sat and waited that the spark fully lit. The time together was amazing, the food was delightful, but it was the smile. The smile and glisten in the eye that needed no words It was in that moment, at that table and that look that no words were needed, but rather just a straight connection of fire....

Where are we today? We are still together, enjoying one another's company and time, and working to maintain our continuous spark.

If you've made it this far, then my story can't be that bad. (haha) The thing about the SPARK is that it's still there today. We still "date", and talk and go on adventures. No two days are the same, and sometimes if things feel like they are hitting a bit of a lul, we just pick up and go to New York. We experience something new, but take it back to where it began. We ground ourselves and remember.

Marriage is a funny thing. It's not just "another stepping stone" in life. It's a commitment to another person. TO YOUR PERSON. It's a promise to put up with their flaws and they do the same for you. Take it from me, no relationship is just cookies and cream. There are going to be days you scream, you cry, you want to quit, but it's the bounce back from these moments that matter most. One of the best ways to bounce? Maintain your spark, know the why behind the beginning and always remind yourself just how important that was and is to you.

What's your SPARK story?

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