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MK Neon: Personalized Neon Signs

Simplistic Elegance. Completely Customizable. Variety of different Sizes. A piece of Art. Your Vision.

One of the most common pictures on Pinterest for the Wedding Day is a personalized neon sign. Our friends at MK Neon know how to make your vision come to life. Their easy to design process and fast turn around time make their work easily favored. The quality is outstanding and the picture here to the left features their custom artwork.


In 6 easy steps you can have a sign for your big day!

1- Go to our online customizer:

2- Choose the size of your sign

3- Write your text

4- Choose your font, color, backing and options

5- Add to cart your custom neon sign

6- Get yourneonsign at home in less than 20 days or even faster with the Express option

Here's what Ben, the creator of lights, has to say about wedding neon signs!

  • How do you believe a neon sign transforms a wedding space? 

"​I think that a neon sign is one of the components that make a wedding space unique. Firstofall, a neon sign is a light and our eyes are naturally attracted to light. The neon sign conveys positive and fun vibes. Everything we need during a happy event. Then, the style, the color and the reading of the neon is custom and precisely resembles to what the bride and groom like. Also, wedding pictures are always a hit. Guests can hold the neon and play with it for the photographer to shoot unique moments."

  • How long does it take to turn around a design and get it shipped out?

"Ideally 20 days. This said, I often keep back-up to be able to create neon in rush. I can create and ship within 7 business days." 

  • When a bride and groom inquire about a neon sign what would you say are things they MUST know in order to be sure that a neon sign is possible?

"I create a almost any fonts into neon. The must know is that there is an optimized size for a neon sign. It's harder to go smaller than bigger. Why? Because I need to be able to bend the neon tube to shape the loops. Basically, the contact is pretty easy. The bride and groom gives me directions or even a photo of inspiration and we start exchanging mock-ups from there."

  • Is a neon sign easy to install on site?

"A LED neon sign is set to be installed like a frame. Plug and play style. I also pre drill the backing to ease installation. I would say to bring fish wire to hang the neon on site with hooks. Then, I put a kit of screws for the couple to be able to hang their neon against the wall at home." 

  • Are they waterproof? I recommend indoor neons even if the ceremony is outside. Why?

"Because indoor neons are more gentle and thiner than outdoor neons. Outdoor neons are meant to remain outside as signage. They look more industrial. On the contrary, the material I use to create an indoor neon complies with the check list of a refined wedding."


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