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The Father Daughter Dance

The tradition of the father daughter dance has been partaking in wedding celebrations over the decades. When it was first originated, it was seen as an extension of him giving his daughter away along with her dowry. How it typically worked was that after the ceremony, leading in to the reception the father would demand a final dance with his daughter. It typically took place prior to the first dance and symbolized his last moments with his little girl just before she started on through the next steps of life with a "stranger". (

Today, the tradition still lives on, but it doesn’t carry near as much weight as it once did. With the modernized traditions, the dance typically take place after the newlyweds first dance as. Sometimes you even see mother, daughter and father, son dances that provides a more inclusive moment for the family. I mean why not? It’s a CELEBRATION!

At the end of the day, it’s all about what you want! In my opinion have FUN with it! Pick a dance that carry’s a meaning for both of you. Sometimes, it can be all the more special when the father chooses the dance! I’ve seen the tradition be altered in all kinds of ways. Sometimes you get planed dances where they make a whole memory out pf it. Either way, it’s YOUR moment, and honey it only lasts for a quick second. Do something fun, memorable, and create a memory that you can carry with you the rest of your life!

What are your father daughter dance stories?

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