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Covid-19 and Asking the Right Wedding Questions

Covid-19. Am I the only one that is getting sick of hearing that name? I've got it give it to 2020, it has thrown multiple curveballs at us, but let's move towards that new normal and still celebrate YOUR love!

Given Covid, now more than ever, you need to be asking questions, understanding contract clauses and reading before signing.

These questions are must ask questions for your venue! (BEFORE BOOKING)

  • What are the venue's current protocols for Covid?

  • Do they have an updated capacity for the space?

  • Are they practicing social distancing when it comes to guests sitting at tables? If so, how many people are allowed to be at each table?

  • Can you still have an open bar?

  • Will staff be wearing masks and gloves while serving guests? If not can this be requested?

  • Is it allowed to have a buffet or does everything have to be plated?

  • During the cocktail reception do you allow passed hors d'oeuvres or only manned stations?

  • Will hand sanitizer stations be offered throughout the venue?

  • What's the current cancelation policy?

  • Do they have a postponement policy?

  • Will my deposit be taken if I cancel? What if I postpone? Can it be moved to a later date?

  • If someone is really concerned about their distance, is there a way you can accommodate them?

  • Are you still allowing dancing?

  • Are bands still allowed or are you only allowing DJ's?

  • Are there specific entertainment options we aren't allowed to have? (Photo Booth, Candy Bar, Professional Performance)

  • Are we allowed to give thank you gifts to our guests?

  • Will someone assist with the guest book, and sanitization of the pens?

  • Are there any county/city regulations that we need to be sure to share with our guests?

Don't let Covid take control of your day, just find a way to work around it. It's not the end of the world, but rather a minor obstacle. Feeling overwhelmed? Let us know and we will help!

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