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What's a Bridesmaid to You?

According to the Marriam-Webster dictionary, a bridesmaid is defined as “a woman who is an attendant of the bride.”

To us, a bridesmaid is your best friend. She is the one you rely on for advice on big decisions, feedback on color palettes, and smiles through the bumpy moments to remind you that it's going to be fine. She picks you up when you fall down, holds your hair when you've had a crazy night, and shows up with coffee when you have very early morning. She is your go to!

It's the idea of a bridesmaid that runs our idea at Big Picture Event Management. We are the guy in the background, the one that can help you through the tough times, advise you through the obstacles, and help the full image come together.

We give you a shoulder to lean on, a person to run to when things get hard. We don't want to see you overly stressed and worried about what's happening. It's YOUR day. Relax and enjoy it! You are beginning a new chapter in your life! We want to hear about your plans and assist you where you really need it. Let us take on the stress, while you sit back, relax, smile and truly enjoy the beginning of one of the best chapters of your life!

What's your Big Picture? We would love to be your bridesmaid. Click the link below to schedule

a call today!

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