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5 Simple Steps to Relieve Stress

Do you feel stressed? Do you stay up at night thinking about details, color coordination or flower selection? Does the wedding have you wishing the day away?

Honey, you're not alone! STRESS! Something that doesn't just go away. Something that can completely bother you to the bone, and something that can hurt you if you're not careful. Now believe me, I'm no doctor, but there is one thing I know and that's STRESS.

A wedding is A LOT to take on. It's not just a few tables and dinner, but it's an ongoing list of intricate details that feels like it has no end. Some of us know how to manage it, others have become masters of putting things off because they feel overwhelmed. Here's the thing, you can mange the stress if you break it up. Trust me, I know there is a lot to do, and I know that it's totally overwhelming, but I also know that if you make these small changes it will only help you!

  1. Schedule it out!

Yes you heard me, give yourself deadlines! This being said, don't kill yourself and over do you deadlines either. I would recommend one big project and one little project every other week (if your schedule allows). An example of this would be to find a vendor (photographer) and then pick the style of centerpieces you want. Of course you can adjust this if you need to, but I have found that this limits your stress and allows you actualy time to focus on things.

2. Don't refuse to use your friends and family!

If you have friends or family offering to assist you, don't turn them away! Typically they help make decisions faster as well as keep you on schedule. Think of it like an accountability partner. It's ten times easier if you have to show up for someone too and not just yourself!

3. Give yourself blocked TIME!

So you've given yourself a deadline for different tasks and you even have a friend helping you out, but do you have time? Here's the thing, you ALWAYS have time somewhere in your schedule. I've learned that actaully blocking time out to set time aside for you to use can easily be one of you best tools. Rather than feeling like you have to "find" time you have already given it to yourself. Then there are a few rules to this block. It is non-negotiatable, and therfore can't be moved (so schedule smart). It is 15-30 minutes at a time, just enough to be really productive and just short of totally being overwhelmed. It is ASSIGNED to a project. Don't just lable the block "wedding planning". That isn't specific, and can easily become and excuse to be side tracked!

4. Use your I DO partner!

You guys are getting married! This is supposed to be fun and exciting. Share your ideas with each other and make it a celebration of both of you. Does he want a donut wall, or do you want a surprise performance? You might know these answer unless you actually involve the other. Besides, along the way you guys can take pictures and document the fun adventures to planning your new beginning together!

5. Breath, and know your outlet!

Do you like to excercise? Do you like to read? Maybe you just like to get cofee with friends? Whatever your stress reliver outlet is, BE SURE to balance it into your every day life and planning process! Again, if you feel like ou don't have the time, block it out and make it a scheduled task. It allows you to focus on your outlet and even have some fun!

These 5 steps seem simple, but when implemented correctly can totally be life changing! Don't allow yourself to be sitting there wishing your big day away (it's a BIG deal). Needing help with the scheduling? I'm here for you!

I don't want you to be finding yourself stuck in a rock and a hard place all because you are taking the next step in you relationship. Honestly, one of the saddest things I can see a bride do. So that being said, take a deep breath, grab a calendar and get started. Trust me the work you put in now will totally save you from feeling completely overwhelmed, stressed and frustrated later on!  

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